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Mike has worked in the waste industry since 1992 starting his career with Pacific Waste Management (Currently known as SITA Environmental Solution) one of Australia’s leading Waste Management companies. With his vast collection of skills and knowledge he started as a Territory Manager within the waste industry soon becoming a Customer Service Manager, Business Development Manager and then General Manager for ResourceCo in 1999 a position he held for 12 years.

At ResourceCo, Mike oversaw the product development of the ResourceCo Recycled Products Range ensuring compliance with new PM 2000 Specifications for Pavement materials. He was a prime factor in the establishment of the Alternative Fuels Project a joint venture between SITA ResourceCo Alternative Fuels and Adelaide Brighton Cement, recognised as one of Australia’s Premier Resource Recovery ventures.

As General Manager of ResourceCo Mike was a strong influence on its growth and on the Waste Strategy of the South Australia as a whole.

Today, as consultant and practitioner of “making the in-between green”, his incredible experience in Resource Efficiency and Resource Recovery, enthusiasm and vast knowledge can help all companies and organisations create less waste for landfill.

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